The Open Standard
for Blockchain Certificates

Build apps that issue and verify blockchain-based certificates for academic credentials, professional certifications, workforce development, and civic records.
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A New Infrastructure of Trust

Permanence and Convenience

Relying on centralized authorities to verify authenticity is slow, complicated, and impermanent. The blockchain replaces institutions with a permanent and tamper-proof infrastructure of trust.

Shareable and Verifiable

The blockchain empowers individuals to hold their own official records and share them directly with others. The blockchain acts as a notary that can always attest to the authenticity of certificates.

How it Works

To demonstrate how the project’s various components can be used together, suppose a student is about to graduate from school and is applying for a job with an employer who requires proof of graduation:
  1. The student requests a certificate from the school via the certificate wallet (cert-wallet)
  2. The school issues a certificate to the student (cert-issuer)
  3. The student shares their certificate with the employer (cert-wallet, cert-viewer)
  4. The employer may use a 3rd party to verify the certificate (cert-verifier)
Philipp Schmidt " Using the blockchain and strong cryptography, it is now possible to create a certification infrastructure that puts us in control of the full record of our achievements and accomplishments. It will allow us to share a digital degree with an employer while giving the employer complete trust that the degree was in fact issued to the person presenting it. "