Standards Alignment

Blockcerts uses open standards for recipient-centric certificates. The cert-schema repo describes Blockcerts’ Open Badges extensions enabling Blockchain verification

The Blockcerts community is aligned with (and contributing to) the following standards:

Blockcerts’ open-source components conform to the above standards, demonstrating how such standards can be used in a viable system. This includes generating solutions for subtle difficulties arising in a real-world system, including:

  • revocation of certificates
  • identity of participants in a decentralized, self-sovereign mode
  • other lifecycle concerns, including key management

Design Principles

  • Open source
  • Reliance on open standards
  • Open participation
  • Recipient control
  • Simplicity
  • Minimize resource requirements (computation, cost, etc.)
  • Solution must be viable without any proprietary product
  • Blockchain-agnostic in the long term
  • Maximize confidence in the end product